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Gift Ideas for upcoming Diwali Celebration

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The festival of Diwali marks the start of the traditional New Year in India. To celebrate the holiday, a gorgeous Diwali card is a must. However, to show loved ones appreciation for their friendship, many people pair a charming gift with their Diwali cards. Selecting the right gifts and Diwali cards seems likes a daunting task, but we've gathered together some easy tips to make your brainstorming a breeze. If you are wondering what to give all of the people on your list, use these ideas to help plan your shopping in style.

  1. Be personal. When purchasing a present, consider what your recipients likes and dislikes, and don't forget to be age-appropriate. A generic gift or standard Diwali card won't set you apart from the rest, and since most of your loved ones will be receiving numerous presents and Diwali cards, it's important make yours stand out by tailoring them to their particular style.
  2. Be artistic. Embrace your inner domestic diva and make your gifts look nothing less than exceptional. To make your presents shine, match your wrapping paper with the design of your Diwali cards. Little touches like this go a long way toward making your cards and gifts look luxurious.
  3. Be professional. If you send corporate Diwali cards, make sure that your stationery looks refined and sophisticated. Silver is a common Diwali gift, so why not have your Diwali cards reflect this stunning color theme?
  4. Be simple. If you have several long distance friends or relatives, enclose flat gift certificates in your Diwali cards to keep things sweet and simple.
  5. Be traditional. As the holiday nears, many Indian markets will be flooded with traditional Diwali gifts. Pair a timeless Diwali card with a small statue of Ganesh to make your loved ones remember the real inspiration behind the holiday.


Although gift giving may be a time-honored tradition, it is important to remember that no holiday is based on gifts alone. Amidst tough financial times, smaller gifts or the gift of your company are growing more and more acceptable. Plus, you can always stay simple, smart and sweet with a warm Diwali card full of your heartfelt sentiments.

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